Network appliances Firewall Hardware

Fanless network appliance max 10 GbE

  • Fanless design network appliance
  • Onboard Intel Bay Trial J1900 Quad-core Processor, 2.0GHz, L2 Cache
  • One 204-pin DDR3-L DIMM slots, up to 8 GB
  • Six Intel PCIe GbE controllers, support two channels bypass
  • One SATAinterface and one mSATA interface
  • Two USB3.0, One CF TypeII
  • One RJ45 for RS232 communication
  • Optional one NIC module adding 4 GbE network ports

Desktop firewall hardware

Desktop firewall hardware Chassis Size 300x210x44.5mm Onboard 4 GBE,vga,console, USB3.0 Optional one expansion wifi or 4G modulele 64~256G SSD/500G~2TB HDD 2~8G RAM OEM is avaliable

Hardware Firewall Platform with 6 RJ45 GbE and 4 SFP Gigabit network ports

1u industrial Hardware Firewall Platform 6 onboard RJ45 GBE network ports Optional adding more 4 GbE network ports(SFP or Rj45) up to 10 GBE 2~8 RAM Support SSD,HDD and CF Storage Two LAN bapasss
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